Day Umpteen-whatever of stay-at-home self quarantine.

Today is just "Day," as one of my FB friends said.  So after initially feeling at sea in terms of studio work, I hit my stride and have been working steadily. All the chores I listed on my "quarantine list of things to do" have gone out the window.  Organize my CD collection? Ppphhhhttt.... Not gonna happen.  Fix the rips in my kitchen counter chairs?  Pphhoooey on that!  Between studio and yard/garden maintenance I have no inclination to do my list of tasks.

In quarantine.

So here I am, in self-quarantine.  Strange days we are living in right now.  I find myself having a hard time focusing on work in my studio.  Instead, I have been obsessing over domestic chores such as cleaning my stove until it gleams, reorganizaing my sock drawer, and scrubbing my shower stall-- not once, but twice in the last few days.  Can't see my friends, can't go out to eat, can't grocery shop without fretting about contact with another person. The creative spark is essential to my practice and my mental health.

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